The way that design was taught at my school meant that I spent 5 years learning ceramics but I also enjoyed making things from cloth and yarn. It seemed natural for me therefore , studying for a degree in Fine Art, that I should make pictures using as many layers of cloth and stitch as layers of canvas and paint.

After graduating I returned to the earlier preoccupation of ceramics and spent many years as a studio potter and teaching craft. Ten years followed as a full time mum and so it was 20 years before I came back to textiles. A move to Northumberland and a tour of the Outer Hebrides sparked an interest in the rich heritage of the Harris Tweed Industry and soon I was experimenting on a table loom, exploring what to me was an exciting new way of using yarn.

I now weave on an eight shaft countermarch floor loom producing collections of scarves, blankets and rugs.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Elizabeth.It was lovely to see your beautiful weave ar Saltaire Makers Fair, and to chat to you. It would be great if we could stay in touch via facebook, Instagramme, ot linkedin? I’m on all 3, My blog – annstextiles.blogspot.com


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